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Dr. Horowitz’s “Medicinal Music Movement,” and “Frequency Rehab Revolution” is world-changing. International acclaim and widespread acceptance of the doctor’s works revealing Solfeggio frequency physics and metaphysics has prompted the “528LOVERevolution,” which Dr. Horowitz and his partner, journalist and activist, Sherri Kane, has commercialized in the rapidly growing and through his private television network,

Dr. Horowitz’s and Sherri Kane’s broadcasts twelve different genres of “medicinal music” transposed into the “LOVE frequency” of 528Hz, that resonates the heart of rainbows, 528nm of greenish-yellow light (precisely why grass is green), and the air is full of electron-energized alkalizing oxygen vibrating in the energy of “LOVE/528.”

Just before the holidays, in 2018, Dr. Horowitz released his extraordinary set of therapeutic music videos.

The “Frequency Rehab” program creates a new genre in natural healthcare modeled by 9 long playing music videos restoring wellness most enjoyably with special energies and behavioral therapies for personal enrichment and group edutainment. The sound track for the multi-media therapy comes from the eleven (11) track Solfeggio Eclectica album featuring ten of nature’s most healing frequencies, including 528 and 432 harmonic frequencies.

As a controversial evolutionary, Dr. Horowitz has withstood extraordinary censorship and disparagement. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy,” stated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

There is no more knowledgeable, credible, credentialed, scholarly, and professionally prolific humanitarians than the controversial trend-setter, Dr. Leonard George Horowitz. Undaunted in addressing the duplicity of geopolitics and economics influencing “healthcare,” and the solutions to these and other urgent problems affecting global populations, Dr. Horowitz in a marvelous example of controversial character in constructive action.

The veteran media commentator and professional speaker has been especially critical of the Rockefeller-financed World Health Organization (WHO)–an entity of the United Nations created to advance and legitimize Western medicine, what critics call “Big Pharma”—what his Harvard-trained expertise in public health and behavioral science refers to irreverently as the “military-medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical-banking cartel.”

In an effort to counter the blatant unlawful monopolization of Western medicine by the Anglo-American “Deep State,” Dr. Horowitz and colleagues launched Healthy World Organization (HWO)—a non-profit enterprise sustained by members, “grass roots consumers,” HWO Affiliates, and HWO Ambassadors trained in natural medicine and certified by accredited academic “partners” in the World Organization for Natural Medicine (WONM).

By so doing, Dr. Horowitz’s HWO opposes the fraud and “iatrogenocide” aided-and-abetted by regulatory agents, agencies, and actions advancing to terminate consumer access to natural healing products and services. Increasing restricted products include herbs, vitamins, natural sweeteners such as stevia, natural stimulants such as ginseng, and even natural blood purifiers such as medical ozone.

 This protectionist agenda is called “Codex Alimentarius” and the complicity of American agencies including the FDA and CDC is prohibited by the Sherman Anti-trust Act.

Alternatively, Dr. Horowitz and his colleagues have advanced major goals for HWO that include: 1) developing hundreds of natural healing clinics serving impoverished people worldwide for low-to-no cost through the Clinics for Humanity Project of the WONM; 2) establishing natural healing residency programs for training certified accredited naturopathic physicians; and 3) securing, sustaining, and advancing native/aboriginal healing wisdom, principles of natural medicine, and the indigenous practices used effectively for centuries, now threatened by globalization and multi-national corporate incursions into targeted nations.

A downloadable copy of “Dr. Len’s” press kit is available by clicking: Dr. Len Horowitz’s-press-kit, 2017.

A downloadable copy of Dr. Horowitz’s curriculum vitae is available by clicking Dr Leonard Horowitz Curriculum Vitae 2019.

A downloadable copy of Dr. Horowitz’s resume pursuant to his expert witness in ‘government corruption’ cases is available by clicking Dr Leonard Horowitz Resume Expert Witness on Governmental Corruption.


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