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Dr. Horowitz is an internationally-recognized genius in the arts and sciences of natural healing whose Harvard training, four decades of public health service, thousands of Internet publications, dozens of peer-reviewed scientific articles, twenty-one (21) award-winning books, and seven (7) documentary films, has made him the world’s most prolific and best credentialed champion of natural medicine and “frequency rehabilitation.” Dr. Horowitz has been at the forefront of shattering the addictive and damaging “drug paradigm” for nearly forty (40) years.

More eloquently, heroically, and powerfully than anyone, Dr. Horowitz has exposed Big Pharma’s unethical and illegal stranglehold over politics, healthcare, and the economy now damaging you and your community’s health and safety. Given the expanding healthcare crisis in America, and worsening environmental urgencies risking multiple species’ and civilization’s extinction, Dr. Horowitz’s central intelligence and practical solutions are monumental and crucial to survival in the Twenty First Century. His “common sense” fundamental understanding of your body, water chemistry, and bioenergy is inspirational, life-changing and rejuvenating. He explains better than anyone water science, electro-genetics and DNA repair, nutritional biochemistry, and the “musical-mathematical matrix” of cosmic construction and intelligent design beautifully reflected throughout nature, crucial for “miraculous healing” and civilization’s salvation and evolution of consciousness.

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