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The Insight Hour_3_ 14, 2006_ Opening intro_fulfillment of bible prophecy and end times.

The HOROKANE Hour_12_11_12.

The HOROKANE Hour _11_ 27_12.

The HOROKANE Hour _11_20_12.

The HOROKANE Hour -11- 13_12_Special guest speaker is Michael Vara.

The HOROKANE Hour -11_6_12.

The HOROKANE Hour_ 10_30_12.

The HOROKANE Hour_10_ 23_12.

The HOROKANE Hour_10_ 16_12.

The HOROKANE Hour_10_ 9_12.

The Insight Hour_9_ 25_12.

The Insight Hour_9_ 25_12.

The HOROKANE Hour_ 9_ 18_12.

The Insight Hour _9_ 11_12.

The Insight Hour _9_ 28_12.

The Insight Hour_9_21_12_ Special guest is Michael Levine.

The Insight Hour_1_16_2007.

The Insight Hour_1_9_2007_Dr Horowitz discusses his beautiful rainbow spa in Hawaii.

The Insight Hour_ 1_2_2007-Dr Horowitz speaks on investigating shadow Government contrived propaganda.

The Insight Hour_7_11_2006_Special guest is a woman named Melinda who is going to be sharing her own prophetic revelations.

The Insight Hour_5_30_2006_ Dr. Horowitz speaks about his National best selling book Emerging Viruses, Aides & Ebola.

The Insight Hour_5_23_2006_Dr. Horowitz speaks about his book, Walk On Water and vaccine management.

The Insight Hour_1_21_2006.-Starts out by thanking the bio spiritual dream team, and who the team is composed of – like Dwayne Robson, John Halup, John the Baptist.

The Insight Hour_1_ 18_2006_ John the Baptist _Mary Ann from new Mexico_Rebecca from Montana_Dwight Ritworth_David H_Pamela_Jan Pernup from Florida_Mack_and_Terry Calhoon_Dwayne Robson from Oregon.

The Insight Hour_1_07_2006_Dr Horowitz jumps into the realm of science by explaining powerful scientific facts concerning us human beings as spiritual beings first and foremost.

The Insight Hour_12_17_2005 on the tetrahedron water molecule being H2O and the most powerful ways to heal yourself.

The Insight Hour_12_10_2005_Taking an in depth look into the Merck’s dangerous drug Vioxx.

The Insight Hour_12_ 03_2005_John Baptist Is the guest speaker_ John has been on the forefront in alternative education and medicine.

The Insight Hour_11_ 26_2005_Dr Horowitz on advancing science and metaphysical theology and spiritual as well as physical evolution.

The insight hours first show on bbsradio.com_11_12_ 2005. Dr. Horowitz covers Hands on healing and divine service i.e. our sacred mission & life’s key purpose for why we even exist.


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