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Revolution Television Features “The HOROKANE.”


NSA-CIA Trolls BannerDr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane (aka “The Horokane”) are at the forefront of exposing the world’s worst villains, including the shadow government, for their crimes against humanity.

The Horokane are literally on the “front lines” in a spiritual battle of good versus evil. These professional whistleblowers have been victimized just like you, and are not willing to cower, like most people, to fear, and shut their voices down.

Thanks to the many supporters worldwide, who keep Dr. Horowitz and Sherri Kane in their prayers, many serving daily to keep them protective and active, “The HOROKANE” are still able to keep We The People informed.

By their astonishing labors of “LOVE/528,” these two crime avengers and healthcare pioneers, have helped save millions of lives that would have been lost to the ravages of drug side effects and vaccination intoxications.

Visit to read many of their latest reports that delve into the “dark side” of life, featuring organized crime in the “drug mob.” Alternatively, for the best news on the planet, visit

Revolution Television publishes much of the most important, yet little-known, intelligence on earth, critical to saving civilization from criminal psychopathic destruction. In case you have not noticed, the American cult-ure has been heavily poisoned and damaged. Intelligence has been degenerated. This is not the case in other countries worldwide where corrupt banking officials have not captured the regulatory and law enforcement agencies.

Revolution Television aims to serve a global audience, to elicit solutions and prayers for what ails the United States of America.

Watch any of the more than 175 video presentations and programs now, on Revolution Television network, at

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